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CLIMB Challenge 2nd Edition

CLIMB Challenge is a 2nd Edition of the Stairs Climbing Challenge by CYRUNS to create a healthy lifestyle with simple activity of stairs climbing.

The CLIMB Challenge is spread over 100 Days from 29th May to 5th September 2021.

In this second edition of CLIMB Challenge, we have combined one of the most important requirements of India i.e Rain Water Harvesting initiative of Government of India - 100 Days of Catch the RAIN - Where it Falls, When it Falls.

Each participant will get a healthy lifestyle through stair climbing at the same time contributing to raise awareness of Rain Water Harvesting.

Participants have to CLIMB a 100 to 1000 Stairs per day and help spread awareness on Rain Water Harvesting.

In the process a participant will CLIMB as high as Mount EVEREST.

Get yourself registered and gift yourself:

  • 100 Days of Healthy habit of Stairs CLIMBING
  • 100 Days of Rain Water Harvesting awareness
  • 100 Days to CLIMB as high as Mount EVEREST

The most unique VIRTUAL Challenge.



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